• Promoting multidisciplinary practice
  • Providing professional education
  • Promoting research and evidence-based practice
  • Facilitating innovative and appropriate technology
  • Fostering inter-ministerial, national & International collaboration and consensus
  • Facilitating knowledge exchange
  • About Workshop

    The aim of workshop is to sensitize and raise awareness about assistive technology through multi- disciplinary approach


    It is a platform for individuals to learn about the latest technological advances in assistive care

    It is expected to create platform for various workshops which would focus on the range of skills, knowledge, products and services for those in need

    We expect that Professionals, Technicians, Academicians, Innovators, Researchers, Manufacturers, NGOs, DPOs, Policy Makers, Insurance Companies, Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Students, who are involved in innovations, research, knowledge transfer, manufacturing, or policy making will be benefitted by attending these workshops

    About Conference

    The conference will cover areas of assistive and self care, ATs for functional impairment, accessibility, digital technology, wearable and wireless devices and many more diverse fields


    The conference draws participants from all the assistive technology arena, individuals with functional impairments, researchers, accessibility leaders

    Many of the large technology companies, institutions and academic organisations will host sessions throughout the conference on developments in accessibility they have made. GATEC with different tracks for researchers will be an ideal place for sharing their research findings and learn about other findings as well

    About Exhibition

    The Expo offers a platform to display products created by our guests, and learn about services, opportunities and resources available to people with functional impairements


    Approximately 5000 attendees will be there in addition to 1200 industry clusters, more than 100 eminent international & national speakers, from across more than 50 countries

    GATEC has an exhibit hall containing a mix of both assistive and mainstream technology companies. A major unofficial benefit of GATEC is the networking opportunities available with other participants, presenters, and exhibitors